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Publisher introduces ‘revolutionary’ new print system

A “revolutionary” new printing system which allows the creation of bespoke individual editions of newspapers is being trialled by a regional publisher.

The innovation by DC Thomson’s printing arm Discovery Print means it is possible to change what is to be printed without swapping plates on the press and will allow for more targeted campaigns for advertisers.

The new technology is being trialled by Dundee-based title The Courier with a competition which gives 20 readers the chance to win £500.

Each of the Courier’s Weekend magazine inserts on Saturday contained a unique code.

Guy Forester

A total of 20 different codes were printed in today’s Courier, with readers who successfully matched the two codes winning the cash.

The new digital printing head sprays one billion drops of ink per second, allowing it to change text and images without slowing down the speed of the printing press.

A piece explaining the innovation on The Courier’s website described it as “revolutionary”.

Guy Forester, Discovery Print and DC Thomson head of operations (newspapers), pictured above, said: “Every paper is the same unless you stop and change the plates.

“Now we can leave a white space and use the digital head to print at offset quality where every copy is different.

“In terms of what it offers our own titles, the print head provides us with the ability to produce tailored marketing and advertising initiatives and campaigns via uniquely printed barcodes and coupons or more targeted campaigns for our advertisers.

“The addition to our print facility sets us apart from competitors, allowing us to offer additional services to current and prospective print clients that are relatively rare in the UK marketplace.”