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Regional daily publishes 24-page football mag ahead of new season

A regional daily has published a 24-page football magazine packed with the latest news ahead of the new season.

The Dundee Evening Telegraph published its Big Kick Off magazine inside Thursday’s paper featuring exclusive player and manager interviews for the city’s two teams, along with profiles of players.

The magazine also features full fixtures lists for both Dundee and Dundee United for the Scottish Premiership season, which starts this weekend.

Readers are also being given the chance to win one of 40 football canvasses through unique printing in each copy of the magazine by publisher DC Thomson’s new printing system, which allows the creation of bespoke individual editions.

Big Kick Off

Discovery Print, the printing arm the publisher, has given each of the 30,000 print run a unique player shirt name and number, and a code.

The winning printing combination will be revealed in Friday’s edition of the paper.

Editor Richard Prest said “At the Tele we provide readers the best in local news, sport and events.

“The Big Kick Off gives every football fan the news they want as well as the chance to win a canvas of their team.

“Our sports writer’s verdicts on the stars to watch during the season, and the exclusive manager interviews shouldn’t be missed.”

Last week, The Sunday Post used the same printing system to publish a cartoon strip unique to each edition.