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New printing press will see regional daily published in full colour

A regional daily will be printed in full colour throughout for the first time from the new year, with the formation of a new printing business by its owners.

The Jersey Evening Post will be published on a new-generation digital printing press after the formation of a new partnership between its owners the Guiton Group and Kodak Ltd.

The new company, called KP Services (Jersey) Ltd, will set up the printing operation on the island, which will produce all the national newspapers for Jersey and Guernsey, with the exception of the Financial Times.

It means that the national titles will no longer be flown into the islands, which can cause delays in their arrival due to bad weather.

The Jersey Evening Post has told readers about the new printing press.

The Jersey Evening Post has told readers about the new printing press.

Guernsey’s national newspapers will be shipped from Jersey early each morning, although the Guernsey Press will still be printed on its current press there.

The move means that the Jersey Evening Post’s existing printing press, which is around 40 years old, will close and it is expected that existing staff will transfer to the new company, which will employ around 24 people in total.

The JEP will switch from conventional printing to digital, which managers hope will bring sharper images and cleaner print.

In a story about the move, Paul Carter, MD of Guiton Publishing and the JEP, said: “After 125 years of consistently printing our own titles, which included the difficult period of the Occupation, it is fair to say that any new solution needed to be pretty impressive for us to even consider moving from self-sufficiency to this type of partnership.

“This solution will allow the JEP to be printed in full colour throughout, for the first time, and with industry-leading standards in registration and reproduction.

“Advertisers and readers will both benefit from the sharper images, cleaner print and modern finishing associated with this new technology, which will be based at Rue des Prés.

“In the year when we celebrate our 125th anniversary it is satisfying to invest in future-proofing our business in this way, and it’s a resounding vote of confidence in the JEP from our shareholders.”

The Kodak Prosper 6000 printing press, to be based at Rue des Prés trading estate in St Saviour, will allow the JEP to use its variable printing capability for promotional codes and personalisation.

Jack Knadjian, managing director for KP Services (Jersey) Ltd, said: “In today’s printing environment, businesses are investing in technologies that are complementing long-established production methods, which will enable them to lead newspaper printing into the future.

“We have pioneered inkjet printing for newspapers and are ready to show the world the next generation of our inkjet presses with Kodak Stream Inkjet Technology, which provides both speed and quality.

“Through KP Services (Jersey) Ltd, we will demonstrate the value of this technology to our customers around the world.”

The Guiton Group runs both daily newspapers on the Channel Islands and is part of the Claverley Group, which also owns Express & Star publisher the Midland News Association.


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  • August 18, 2015 at 10:36 am

    Sorry to moan, but your headline sucks. The printing press won’t ‘see’ anything. It’s a printing press, for goodness sake.

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  • August 18, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    Good news for a change. Can anyone guess how many copies will come off the press daily?

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