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Journalist begins January booze ban bid

A regional journalist has teamed up with a local council leader in a month-long challenge to abstain from alcohol.

Alan Smith, of the Kent Messenger, joined Maidstone Council leader Annabelle Blackmore in toasting the beginning of their effort on New Year’s Eve.

The pair, pictured below, are undertaking the Dry January Challenge, set up by the NHS with the aim of promoting the health benefits of drinking less alcohol.

Alan, who does not describe himself as a heavy drinker, came up with the idea of taking part after a recent night out where he was obliged to finish  an entire bottle of red wine by himself.

KM dryJan

Explained Alan: “I ordered a bottle of red wine expecting to share it with my friends, but it turned out none of them liked red.

“I had to drink the whole bottle. I was surprised to find that I did that quite easily.”

Councillor Blackmore added: “I just have a glass of wine in the evenings and on social occasions, but I think it’s possible for it to creep up on you and you end up drinking more than you realise.”

A survey from last year’s Dry January event showed that 49pc of participants lost weight and 62pc said they slept better and had more energy during the day.


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