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Flagship daily completes new website switchover

A flagship Scottish daily has retired its old desktop and mobile websites after switching to a new responsive format.

As reported by HTFP in September, the Scotsman unveiled its new site in beta as part of a major print and online relaunch.

The change was made to allow it to be accessed more easily on tablet and mobile devices, and four new digital channels called Future Scotland, We Know Scotland, Giving Back and a new Heritage channel were also launched.

The full switchover to the new site was announced in a piece on the Johnston Press-owned title’s homepage on Tuesday.

A screenshot of the new Scotsman website

A screenshot of the new Scotsman website

It read: “At the Scotsman we’re truly proud to be one of Scotland’s best known and most trusted news brands and next year we celebrate 200 years in print.

“But we’re far from complacent, so we’re changing to meet the needs of the dynamic, exciting Scotland we live in today.

The Scotsman has a new look and a modern context and our fresh new website is a progressive leap forward in harmony with our smart and digitally savvy nation.

“We have more lifestyle content with online videos for arts and travel to suit the vitality and diversity of our nation.

“It will still have top-quality, comprehensive news and sports reporting with incisive and stimulating commentary and analysis; and extended business features to celebrate Scotland’s soaring enterprise.

“Scotland is evolving fast but The Scotsman is right at the centre of these exhilarating times, thanks entirely to the loyal support of you, our cherished and discerning readers.”

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  • November 13, 2015 at 1:58 pm

    Goodness me , this happens almost daily on most businesses it’s a simple process for those of us involved in web build and development and really not news.
    To update or enable a site to be mobile,iPad,iPhone friendly is like saying I work in a garage and we changed some oil and put a new exhaust on today’ or a tv shop to be announcing they now have colour TVs in stock!

    Maybe the old site was so badly out of date they feel this non news story really is ‘ exciting and dynamic’
    Web users expect sites to be multi platform friendly and drawing attention to the fact they’ve just cottoned on to life in the 21st century is probably not the best way to instill confidence with the public

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