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ABCs: Print sales and website stats compared

Soaring web traffic help soften the blow of plummeting print sales in today’s ABC figures for the second half of 2013.

While regional dailies such as the Bolton News and Lancashire Telegraph lost around a third of their circulations, their corresponding online platforms grew their audience.

For instance, while the Bolton News’ print circulation was down 32.2pc, the audience for its website grew by 45.4pc.

Here are the full multi-platform figures comparing average print circulation and daily unique users for six of the regional publishers – Johnston Press, Loacl World, Newsquest, Trinity Mirror, the Midland News Association and the KM Group.

Sales  UUs Change
Johnston Network 716,555 29pc 21,179 25.2pc
The Gazette, Blackpool 15,650 -11.5pc 11,770 23.6pc
Halifax Courier 16,747 -10.9pc 19,722 17pc
Lancashire Evening Post 15,659 -16.3pc 16,601 21.1pc 29,744 1.9pc
The News & Sports Mail 29,662 -15.2pc 136,318 35.8pc 2,502 -24.3pc
The Scotsman 29,452 24,312 55.3pc
Sunderland Echo & Football Echo 22,686 -15pc 37,598 26.1pc
Sheffield Star & Green ‘Un 24,544 -23.3pc 46,186 18.7pc
Yorkshire Evening Post 26,038 -16.5pc
Yorkshire Post 32,156 -10.5pc
Kent Online (KM Group) network 49,015 96.35pc
Kent Messenger Weekly Newspaper Group 93,423 -7.2pc
KM Extra Group (Kent) 151,427 -12pc
Local World Network (Web) 622,201 67.3pc
Bristol Post (Web) 40,489 45pc
The Post 27,117 -15.8pc
Cambridge News (Web) 32,740 40.3pc
Cambridge News 17,763 -6.6pc
Derby Telegraph (Web) 33,695 45.8pc
Derby Telegraph 25,852 -10.9pc
Gloucester Citizen/Gloucestershire Echo (Web) 27,368 12pc
Gloucestershire Echo 12,033 -14.7pc
Gloucester Citizen 13,891 -18.9pc
Grimsby Telegraph 20,896 -6.5pc
Hull Daily Mail (Web) 46,784 45.9pc
Hull Daily Mail 36,028 -7.7pc
Leicester Mercury (Web) 37,243 32pc
Leicester Mercury 36,004 -14.4pc
Lincolnshire Echo (Web) 18,327 41.9pc
Lincolnshire Echo 19,687 -4.7pc
Nottingham Post (Web) 50,275 52.8pc
Nottingham Post 25,180 -13.4pc
Plymouth Herald (Web) 31,823 32.7pc
Plymouth – The Herald 22,858 -11.3pc
Scunthorpe Telegraph 18,412 0.7pc
South Wales Evening Post (Web) 25,269 35.6pc
South Wales Evening Post 30,582 -12.3pc
Stoke Sentinel 32,628 22pc
The Sentinel 39,137 -10.7pc
Midland News Association Network 106,328 44.1pc 80,219 46.6pc
Express & Star  82,448 -12.1pc
Shropshire Star 39,168 -15.7pc
Newsquest Media Group 731,495 40.6pc 40,942 30.2pc
Southern Daily Echo 23,278 -17pc 24,587 74.6pc
Glasgow Evening Times 35,773 -15.7pc 69,440 54pc
The Herald 38,939 -9.8pc
Sunday Herald 23,907 -7.5pc 28,059 1.1pc
Lancashire Telegraph  13,280 -33.9pc 19,523 63.3pc
Bromley News Shopper 65,459 5.2pc
Dartford and Gravesend News Shopper 28,075 5.3pc
Lewisham & Greenwich News Shopper 51,718 4.6pc 19,223 28.1pc
Oxford Mail 13,201 -22.7pc 21,043 30.5pc
Swindon Advertiser 12,691 -21.9pc 33,868 32.7pc
The Argus, Brighton 15,153 -21.1pc 25,683 45.4pc
The Bolton News 12,622 -32.2pc 33,990 43.5pc
Northern Echo 31,868 -13.3pc 30,278 24.7pc
The Press, York 20,551 -10.7pc 34,556 24.1pc
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 19,970 -12.9pc
Trinity Mirror Regional Network 659,518 23.3pc 68,853 65.9pc
Birmingham Mail 39,602 -1pc 57,011 64.1pc
The Chronicle, Newcastle 40,734 -9.9pc 27,060 17.9pc
Coventry Telegraph 26,021 -13.1pc 19,599 15.7pc
Daily Post (Wales) 27,420 -8.3pc 16,465 34.8pc
Get Reading 65,185 -2.5pc 19,794 33.2pc
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 16,943 -7.6pc 33,317 59.9pc
Teesside Evening Gazette 30,636 -14.9pc 13,629 -12.1pc
The Journal 19,160 -16pc 124,238 58.6pc
Liverpool Echo 71,541 -8.1pc 140,959 34.3pc
Manchester Evening News 70,462 -5.7pc 85,475 35.5pc
Western Mail 22,849 -0.8pc


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  • February 27, 2014 at 11:33 am

    “Soaring web traffic help soften the blow of plummeting print”.
    Not so sure.
    A print reader pays 60 or 70 pence per day (or a massive £1.30 in the case of The Scotsman), lives locally (and is likely to respond to the ads) and spends 20 minutes or so with the title. 2 or 3 other people probably read the same paper.
    A ‘unique user’ spends a couple of minutes on the website, possibly just keeps up to date with the local football team, is often from outside the area and gets fed up with the obtrusive, irrelevant advertising on the site. And they don’t hand over any money.
    I know which one I’d rather have.
    And how many print readers are now so fed up with the unjustified cover price hikes that they have sussed they can access exactly the same content online……for nothing ?
    Celebrating the growth of unique users is a shallow, convenient tactic for newspaper CEO’s and MD’s to ignore the lamentable circulation performance of their titles. Print still pays the bills.

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