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Weekly names its top 10 weirdest news stories

Every paper gets its share of wacky and wonderful stories about UFO sightings, wild beasts on the loose and haunted houses – but some more than others.

Over the years, weekly paper News Shopper has reported on a woman caught in a crab-loaded rainstorm, a PCSO who accidentally handcuffed himself and a pensioner who had his £85,000 fortune confiscated by social services to prevent him squandering it on prostitutes.

Its latest weird news story revolved around a man who was bitten on the arm by a fox who ventured into the bathroom and attacked him while he was on the loo. The piece quickly went viral, and was viewed more than 50,000 times.

Hot on the fox’s heels was a story about a woman who grew a phallic-shaped strawberry, which also proved popular.

Inspired by the success of the pieces, the London-based title decided to celebrate its proud history of bizarre and brilliant tales from through the years with an all-time top 10 countdown, which was released one by one on Twitter.

News Shopper web manager Simon Bull told HTFP the paper tried to keep a balance between serious and lighter-hearted stories.

The story of Anthony Schofield being attacked by a fox in the little boy's room inspired a Top 10 of the News Shopper's wackiest stories

“Some grumblers moan about certain things ‘not being news’ but we know people generally love reading about crazy incidents or seeing weird pictures in among the many hard, serious news reports we publish every day on our website,” he said.

“These two odd stories got us talking about other madcap things we have covered down the years.

“There was debate and amusement as several favourite stories emerged, and readers also told us about some others that they remembered.

“It gave me the idea for creating the top 10 to collate our weirdest stories in one piece and to give our readers some fun.”

The top 10 stories chosen by the NS:

* Freak storm rains crabs on a woman

* Man finds a metre-wide mushroom in his garden

* PCSO accidentally handcuffs himself

* Woman claims she gets orgasms from aliens

* Face of Jesus in roots of asparagus plant

* Woman bitten by toilet-dwelling rat

* Man mugged by a fox for his garlic bread

* Angry crow attacks joggers

* Spiritualist accurately predicts Osama bin Laden’s hiding place

* Hooker-loving pensioner has his savings confiscated