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TV exposure for regional daily’s litter campaign

A regional daily’s campaign to track down litter louts has featured on BBC TV programme the One Show.

The Lancashire Evening Post has been running a campaign in partnership with Preston Council where it features CCTV images of people dropping litter and asks readers to help identify them.

The campaign has resulted in five offenders being hit with fixed penalty notices and was featured on the One Show on Monday evening.

Assistant news editor Jenny Simpson, who was interviewed at the paper’s offices for the programme, said the campaign had got off the ground in March after the council approached them to suggest it.

One Show reporter Tony Livesey is pictured with Evening Post assistant news editor Jenny Simpson at the paper's offices.

Since then, the Evening Post has published around one story a month featuring litterbugs in Preson, while also featuring videos on its website.

Jenny said: “It seemed to take off and most people seemed to be in support of it.

“It is not really naming and shaming. It is just really to raise awareness and when people are tracked down, they seem to accept they have been caught red-handed.

“Hopefully it came across alright on TV. People have been quite positive about it. We just wanted to do something that would be a good talking point for readers.”

BBC reporter Tony Livesey went to Preston to find out about the paper’s campaign, interviewing Jenny and Anne Millne-Riley, a litter education officer with the council.

He also spoke to council wardens who have mobile head cameras to catch litterbugs in the act.


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  • October 17, 2013 at 11:50 am

    Just a reminder about the website, that has the goal of lowering the rate of littering and changing littering behaviours. The site is packed with good information and awareness building materials to view and share. Littering is pervasive because we don’t talk about it enough.

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  • October 17, 2013 at 3:28 pm

    Nice touch to the enforcement leg of the litter free three legged stool. The other two legs being, education and clean up. Maybe the photo shoot could be expanded to publish a positive side- photos of folks cleaning up litter-showing litter picking as a fun, rewarding, socially oriented community activity.

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