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Hyperlocal website goes into print as news magazine

A hyperlocal website will go into print today as a news magazine after a crowdfunding campaign saw more than £2,000 raised.

The Croydon Citizen’s website was launched a year ago for the London borough and the first printed edition is hitting the streets today.

The 16-page free magazine aims to provide insight and analysis into local issues and will be distributed this week at railway stations and shopping areas, while it will also be available to pick-up throughout this month from a number of locations.

Editor-in-chief James Naylor said £2,400 was raised through the crowdfunding campaign to allow the first edition, pictured below, to be published.

He said the aim was for it to be published as a monthly title funded through advertising and he wanted the business to operate as a social enterprise.

Said James: “We decided it was a good thing to do because it would allow us to reach a new audience, so it will help direct people towards the website.

“We realised it was an opportunity to put together something really nice that isn’t going to go away in the future. There’s something nice about holding it and browsing through.

“It is designed to be something that you could read on a commute. It is supposed to be quite thought-provoking.”

The Croydon Citizen has an editorial team of five, who work part-time, and around 70 contributors who are citizen journalists.

A team of distributors wearing branded jackets will hand out the title at the major railway stations in Croydon and in the shopping streets.

The magazine will also be available online in the New Year.

Some of the inside pages from the first edition of the Croydon Citizen.