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Editor’s second children’s book set for publication

A regional daily editor has penned his second children’s book which aims to tackle bad habits such as breaking wind, nose-picking and refusing to brush your teeth.

Northern Echo editor Peter Barron has written 10 Monstrous Morals books, with the second in the series Black-toothed Ruth Black due to be published in October.

The book, subtitled ‘The Girl Who Won’t Brush Her Teeth,’ is aimed at 5-10-year-olds and their parents and is illustrated by Paul Wick.

It was approved for publication after the success of the first in the series  – Fartin’ Martin Sidebottom: The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Breaking Wind.

Black-toothed Ruth Black will be published in October

“The first book in the series, Fartin’ Martin Sidebottom, was published last year and has got the series off to a good start,” Peter wrote on his blog.

“Now, it’s up to Black-toothed Ruth to keep up the momentum. She’s a little girl who refuses to brush her teeth so, instead of the Tooth Fairy, she’s visited by the evil tooth devils.

“There are 10 books in the series so far so we’re aiming to have them all published in the next couple of years.”

Book three – Fidgety Bridget Wrigglesworth – is scheduled for next spring and that will be followed by Nose Pickin’ Nicholas Pickering in the summer and Messy Bessie Clutterbuck in the autumn of 2014.

Future characters in the series will include Grubby Joe Grub, Scary Hairy Mary, Chilly Billy Winters, Gobby Nobby Robinson and Smelly Simon Smedley.

“I just started writing them when I went on holiday,” added Peter.

“They are all done in rhyme. I have got four kids and every parent goes through that time when their children go through bad habits.

“It is to help parents in a fun way to get a message across to kids. I don’t think there’s anything else out there that particularly focuses on kids’ bad habits in a light-hearted way.”

Peter will be signing copies of the book at Waterstone’s in Darlington on 9 November, between 12 and 3pm, with illustrator Paul Wick.



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  • September 30, 2013 at 6:49 am

    i would like to know where the author has created his characters fromas my husband is called simon smedley!

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