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E-book tells of renowned journalist’s flight with Hitler

An e-book which tells how a renowned Welsh journalist took a flight with Adolf Hitler has been released 80 years on.

Gareth Jones worked for the Western Mail and in February 1933 he and a journalist from the Daily Express were the first to accompany new German chancellor Hitler on his new 16-seater aeroplane en-route to a rally in Frankfurt.

The e-book about the flight is called So Wise, So Young, referencing a Shakespeare quote, and has been written by freelance journalist Gareth Huw Davies, who was named after Gareth.

The Western Mail journalist was best known for telling the world about the famine Stalin inflicted upon the people of the Ukraine in which an estimated 10m people died.

Gareth’s life was cut short just two years after the flight with Hitler when he was murdered in 1935 in Inner Mongolia.

Author Gareth told WalesOnline: “My interest in Gareth Jones came from being named after him by my father.

“The more I read about Jones, the more I realised he was one of the great unsung Welsh figures of the 20th century, who deserves to be far better known than I suspect he is.

“There is no knowing what he might have achieved if he had not died so young.

“He secured one of the journalistic scoops of the 20th century when he travelled with Hitler in his private plane during his election campaign to win total power through the democratic process. His piece deserves to be counted as one of the great ‘I was there’ articles in journalism.”

During the flight with Hitler, Gareth wrote: “If this plane were to crash, the history of the world would be different” and that became the opening line of his piece for the Western Mail.

The book is available to download here.

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  • March 22, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Well that was well worth downloading and reading.

    Thank you Helen for the article!

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