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Weekly’s drug-driving law could be in Queen’s Speech

A new drug-driving law that could be introduced following a weekly newspaper’s campaign may be mentioned in the next Queen’s speech.

The Croydon Advertiser launched its Lillian’s Law campaign last summer with the family of Lillian Groves.

The teenager was was knocked over and killed in 2010 by a driver who had been smoking cannabis.

Prime Minister David Cameron has already backed the campaign and responded postively last week to a question from Croydon Central MP Gavin Barwell in the House of Commons about introducing laws similar to drink-driving.

Mr Cameron said: “I think it is important that we take this issue of drug driving seriously. We are committed to making the drug-driving testing equipment available for use in police stations as soon as possible.

“But the case that he (Mr Barwell) is making, which is to make an equivalent law to drink-driving, I do think is one that has a great strength.

“We’re examining it closely in Government and clearly we need to look at whether there will be an opportunity in the second legislative session to take forward the measure.”

An expert panel tasked with discussing the issue of drug-driving will begin work in March and report back six months later.

A date for the next Queen’s speech, where the Government details its programme of legislation for the next session of parliament, has yet to be confirmed.

Gavin Barwell told the Advertiser: “I’m encouraged, particularly with the timescale, which means the Minister can receive the panel’s advice in time for it to be included in next year’s Queen’s Speech.

“The meeting was positive and it was clear he wants this done.”

In November, Mr Cameron promised to review current drug-driving legislation following a meeting with Lillian’s family and Advertiser reporter Gareth Davies.