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Weekly launches Christmas shoebox appeal for troops

A weekly newspaper has launched an appeal to help put a smile on soldiers’ faces on Christmas morning.

The News Shopper is calling on its readers to get behind the Operation Shoebox UK campaign, which sends shoeboxes filled with treats for those in the Armed Forces who are serving overseas.

The paper’s offices will be used to store all the shoeboxes donated until they are posted out to the troops in time for Christmas, with them mainly going to those in Afghanistan.

Editor Andrew Parkes said:  “I think it’s wonderful we support our troops overseas and I’m very keen for News Shopper readers to back the Operation Shoebox campaign this year.”

The News Shopper has provided readers with a suggested list of items to include in the shoeboxes, which includes magazines, puzzle books, notebooks, pens, hot chocolate sachets, chewing gum and shower gels.

Ellie Doyle, South East regional director at Operation Shoebox, said: “A lot of soldiers don’t get presents. A lot go from the care system into the army and for that reason they don’t have any family or friends back at home.

“So when the post arrives the guys really look out for their post and when they don’t get any it is a crushing feeling. We try to encourage people that don’t have any family to register with us so they do get some post.

“It shows somebody back home cares.”