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River safety campaign inspired Australian newspaper

An Australian newspaper launched its own life-saving campaign video after being inspired by a film made by a regional daily title in York.

The Press launched its Think, Don’t Swim campaign last year to raise awareness of the dangers of people jumping or falling into the city’s rivers after 21-year-old bartender Richard Horrocks drowned after jumping in the River Ouse from a balcony.

An eight minute film that was made for the campaign caught the eye of pictorial editor at the Maroochy Journal in Queensland, Angie Simms.

Angie told The Press that the Journal had launched a Staying Alive campaign to get the Government to review the laws in regards to motorcycle licencing following a string of young motorcyclist deaths.

As part of the campaign they decided to create their own film after spotting The Press’s video on YouTube.

Australian title the Maroochy Journal launches its campaign

York filmmaker Christopher David of Flash Frame Productions who created the safety video said: “I think it’s amazing that our film has been seen at the other side of the world – and it’s intensely gratifying that it should have sparked another – equally significant – campaign. I wish it every success.

“When many national newspapers are faltering under the strain and scrutiny of corruption, local newspapers are delivering, campaigning and changing lives.”

The film features emotional interviews with Richard Horrocks’ mother and sister, a former coroner’s officer and a diving expert, along with a fictional dramatisation about a young man who drowns after deciding to go skinny dipping in the river.