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Former editor publishes new guide for budding writers

A former weekly newspaper editor who is now a published author has written the second part of a guide for budding journalists, novelists and copywriters.

Frank Rawlins, a former editor at the Oxford Journal and Oxford Courier, has published B for Broca’s Area, a title which references a region of the brain linked to language.

The book follows on from the publication of L for Literature in the summer and includes tips such as how to compose a story and engage readers.

It is published by Huck Books which Frank set up to launch his first novel, When it Comes to the Crunch, in 2007 and since then he has written a number of novels and “holidaylogues”.

Frank said: “The first part gave some basic hints and tips, and do’s and don’ts, for new and would-be journalists. This takes it a stage further, looking at imagination and the creative process.

“It shows how to compose a story that will satisfy a picky editor and engage readers, without slipping into cliché and banality.”

He is planning a third and final part of the series next year.

Frank was chief sub-editor of the former Thomson Newspapers’ Evening Post based at Hemel Hempstead before moving into weekly journalism in the 1980s and later becoming a freelance writer and editor.

His latest book is available from Amazon by clicking here and for further information on his books, click here.