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Editor in plea to missing ‘Wolfman’ of Wales

The editor of a South Wales weekly newspaper has made a personal plea to a man missing for four years, and last known to be living wild in a wood, to come forward.

Mike Lewis, of the South Wales Guardian, has appealed for Wayne Morgan – known locally as ‘The Wolfman’ – to get in touch amid growing fears for his safety.

Wayne, 37, had been known to be living rough on densely-wooded reclaimed coal tips at Pantyffynnon for several years, existing on a diet of rabbits and berries.

The Guardian first broke the story in 2009, leading reporters from national newspapers to descend on the village in the vain hope of tracking down ‘The Wolfman’ for an exclusive interview.

Local police have now launched a missing person investigation after disclosing that he has not been seen by his family for four years.

Writing in this week’s paper, Mike describes Wayne as ‘a Rambo-esque figure’ and says what started out as an intriguing local story went national – and then global – after local children dubbed him ‘the Wolfman.’

The Guardian featured a full page on 'the wolfman'

Wrote Mike: “One magazine specialising in the paranormal even sent a reporter to assess whether this was a real-life werewolf.

“Various sightings – rather like the Times’ first cuckoo in spring – were reported, but ‘The Wolfman’ remained elusive.

“But strip away the legend and what’s left? A missing man, a police appeal and a worried family anxious for news.

“The story of ‘The Wolfman’ of Pantffynnon tips is actually a very human one.”

Mike then makes a personal appeal to Wayne to come forward and tell his story about his epic feat of survival, and even offers to take him for a pint.

Said Mike: “The Guardian has covered some strange stories during my five years at the helm, but the one about ‘The Wolfman’ of Pantyffynnon tips must rank among the strangest.”


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  • February 17, 2012 at 11:25 am

    A little bit far fetched to think that the Wolfman lives in the wild off rabbits and berries, yet still might be a reader of his local paper who would see this appeal.

    The editor might do better getting some posters printed and puttiing them up in the woods, although he might get in trouble for littering.

    Still, I hope he finds Wolfie. It would be a great scoop.

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