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Thousands support journalist’s protest march

A journalist has completed a gruelling seven-day protest march to the Welsh Assembly offices in Cardiff to campaign against electricity pylons.

Richard Jones, chief reporter at the The Powys County Times was joined by join Nick Larder, Ifan Davies and Oili Hedman on the 115 mile walk from Welshpool to Cardiff Bay.

The walk  included a climb over the Brecan Beacons and was to protest against controversial power and wind energy plans.

The paper launched its ‘Power Mad’ campaign in a bid to halt plans to build 47-metre high pylons and a 20-acre electricity substation (or ‘hub’) in the Montgomeryshire countryside.

Pictured, from left, Llyr Davies, Ifan Davies and his child, Oili Hedman, Richard Jones and Nick Larder.


Said Richard: “We received a rousing send off from protesters who gathered to see us off, with many even joining us for the initial first few miles before eventually branching off in Berriew, Abermule and Newtown.”

“Motorists tooted their horns as they drove past, people living on the roadside came out of their houses to wish us well, while staff at Control Techniques left their offices to greet us with applause and congratulatory messages.

“Walking along Lloyd George Avenue with our valuable support crew in tow was fantastic, but topping even that was the reception we received from the 2,000 odd Montgomeryshire people as we reached Cardiff Bay.”

He added: “What made things even better was we were joined on the final leg by all the people who had offered us support along the way.”

The newspaper says the substation plan would be the size of 13 football pitches and would blight the area.

On his arrival in Cardiff Bay Richard was joined by county times editor Nick Knight.

Nick said: “I have never known a campaign that has stirred up so many people in this normally quiet part of Wales.”

A book of protest to the Assembly, filled with hundreds of comments from readers opposed to the plans was handed over on the completion of the walk.

A public consultation on the plans end on June 20.