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ABC figures: How the regional dailies performed

The Norwich Evening News today topped the UK regional newspaper circulation league table for the second time in succession.

The Archant-owned daily recorded a sales increase of 3.4pc between December 2010 and June 2011 compared with the same period the previous year.

Below is the full list of UK regional dailies, ranked in order of the percentage increase or decrease between June 2010 and June 2011.

Check here to see how your newspaper performed.

Norwich Evening News 19,161 3.4pc
Dundee Evening Telegraph 23,631 1.6pc
Eastern Daily Press 59,490 0.6pc
Ipswich Evening Star 15,351 -0.4pc
Guernsey Press & Star 15,165 -0.7pc
East Anglian Daily Times 29,932 -1.3pc
North Wales Daily Post 31,802 -1.9pc
Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15,462 -2.1pc
Liverpool Daily Post 8,217 -2.1pc
Burton Mail 12,198 -3.4pc
Scarborough Evening News 10,957 -3.5pc
News Letter 23,492 -3.5pc
Shields Gazette 15,161 -3.6pc
Dorset Echo 17,429 -3.8pc
Teesside Evening Gazette 40,546 -4pc
Liverpool Echo 85,463 -4.1pc
Irish News 43,647 -4.1pc
Sunday Journal 2,568 -4.3pc
Cambridge News 20,987 -4.6pc
The Sentinel 50,792 -4.6pc
Aberdeen Press & Journal 71,044 -4.6pc
The Press, York 25,989 -4.7pc
Huddersfield Daily Examiner 20,540 -4.7pc
Dundee Courier & Advertiser 61,981 -4.7pc
The Echo (Southend – Basildon – Castle Point) 30,108 -5.1pc
Yorkshire Post 39,698 -5.2pc
Worcester News 14,339 -5.3pc
Paisley Daily Express 7,538 -5.3pc
Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph 18,539 -5.4pc
The Argus, Brighton 24,949 -5.4pc
South Wales Argus 23,332 -5.5pc
Aberdeen Evening Express 47,849 -5.5pc
Jersey Evening Post 18,088 -5.5pc
Greenock Telegraph 14,342 -5.6pc
Torquay Herald Express (Now weekly) 20,372 -5.7pc
South Wales Evening Post 40,149 -5.8pc
Hartlepool Mail 14,198 -5.9pc
Manchester Evening News 90,973 -5.9pc
Northampton Chronicle & Echo 16,414 -6.1pc
Bournemouth Echo 26,818 -6.2pc
Swindon Advertiser 18,059 -6.2pc
Wigan Evening Post 7,092 -6.3pc
Exeter, Express & Echo 16,586 -6.5pc
The Northern Echo 41,181 -6.5pc
The Herald, Plymouth 29,709 -6.6pc
The Journal, Newcastle 26,280 -6.9pc
Sunderland Echo & Football Echo 32,771 -6.9pc
The Citizen 19,917 -7pc
Bradford Telegraph & Argus 26,766 -7.2pc
Edinburgh Evening News 39,947 -7.2pc
Gloucestershire Echo 15,895 -7.3pc
Oxford Mail 19,062 -7.4pc
Express & Star 113,174 -7.4pc
South Wales Echo 32,754 -7.4pc
Western Morning News 31,058 -7.5pc
Southern Daily Echo 31,964 -7.5pc
Bristol Evening Post 38,344 -7.6pc
Lincolnshire Echo 17,151 -7.6pc
Derby Telegraph 32,356 -7.8pc
Glasgow Evening Times 52,400 -7.8pc
Coventry Telegraph 34,359 -7.9pc
Newcastle Evening Chronicle 52,486 -8.1pc
Birmingham Mail 47,217 -8.1pc
Hull Daily Mail 43,523 -8.2pc
The News, Portsmouth 41,442 -8.3pc
Halifax Courier 15,759 -8.3pc
North West Evening Mail 14,132 -8.4pc
Lancashire Telegraph 23,260 -8.5pc
Leicester Mercury 51,150 -8.6pc
Shropshire Star 55,606 -8.7pc
The Gazette, Blackpool 22,074 -8.9pc
Sheffield Star & Green ‘Un 37,255 -8.9pc
The Western Mail 26,931 -8.9pc
Scunthorpe Telegraph (Now weekly) 15,678 -9.1pc
The Bolton News 21,940 -9.2pc
Grimsby Telegraph 25,974 -9.7pc
Oldham Evening Chronicle 14,451 -9.9pc
Carlisle News and Star (West) 4,938 -10.1pc
Carlisle News and Star (East) 12,290 -10.5pc
Colchester Evening Gazette 16,165 -10.6pc
Western Daily Press 28,322 -11pc
Belfast Telegraph 59,319 -11.9pc
Lancashire Evening Post 23,183 -12.5pc
The Leader (Wrexham, Flintshire & Chester) 16,131 -12.5pc
Doncaster Star 2,327 -14.1pc
Sunday Life 55,067 -14.1pc
Yorkshire Evening Post 36,512 -14.6pc
Nottingham Post 35,361 -16.9pc





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  • August 31, 2011 at 12:43 pm

    Oh my God!
    What a terrible state of affairs!
    Is the industry actually trying to do ANYTHING about these horrendous figures?
    Does the newspaper society have ANY drive or focus on this major issue?
    Their apparent silence is deafening!
    Lets face it if this rate of decline keeps on they will all be weeklies within two years.
    A very concerned fan of the Regional Press who worked in and with the industry for over 29 years.

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  • August 31, 2011 at 1:31 pm

    When are the figures for the weeklies released?

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  • August 31, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Isn’t it obvious that by making the newspaper available on line free of charge before distribution to retailers is fully complete is sheer madness. Home delivery is primarily done by children 13yrs and over, as they’re at school during the day the newspaper doesn’t start going through the letter box until 3.45-4.00pm at the earliest. Most people don’t leave work until 5.30pm which means they wont get to read it prior to 6pm.

    Why should readers be expected to buy a copy or pay for a home delivery service when they can read it at their desk in the lunch hour free of charge hours before it reaches the letter box.

    The industry continues to concentrate its effort on the internet, but at what cost? Newspaper sales revenue has always been the second biggest earner following advertsing, but for how much longer?. When will they wake up and realise that it’s almost too late.

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  • August 31, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    “Lets face it if this rate of decline keeps on they will all be weeklies within two years.” Is that such a bad thing? If there isn’t enough demand (from readers or from advertisers) to sustain daily local newspapers, switching to weekly seems a sensible option.

    It’s interesting to note that not a single regional publisher is successfully sustaining paid-for circulation. Continued sales declines can’t just be attributed to the perceived greed or stupidity or short-termism of the major publishing groups.

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  • September 1, 2011 at 9:06 am

    Before we see the pictures of editors and circulation directors smiling from a stage somewhere with a cheap plastic trophies, how many of the leading performers are relying on bulk frees?
    Answer: Many of them.
    Happy to be proved wrong, and no doubt someone will try, but take out bulk frees and what have we got?
    Norwich Evening News (lovely 3.4 per cent up on ABC but take away bulks and you have minus 9.6)
    Eastern Daily Press (plus 0.6, but without bulks minus 5)
    Ipswich Star (-0.4 ABC but -5.6 if you allow for the bulks)
    Similar for East Anglian Daily Times (-1.3, but take bulks into account and it’s -5.6).
    Liverpool Daily Post is another good example. Nothing wrong in the paper’s well-known strategy to go for a free/paid mix but(-2.1 ABC actually equates to an underlying sale of -18.9).
    Think it would be a really interesting exercise for someone (htfp?) to drill down into these stats and get the true picture.
    We need to understand how free bulks are affecting sales in order to understand this.

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  • September 1, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Oh dear what has happened to the Yorkshire Evening Post? Seems there is no appetite any more to buy an evening paper in what is England’s third biggest city.

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  • September 1, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Would be interesting to see the corresponding website figures.

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  • September 2, 2011 at 9:57 am

    a lot of the regionals are like weeklies now. next day publications and stale news. they won’t be any loss if they become weeklies.
    But bean counters must realise there is never going to be decent money in weekly websites before they kill off the papers, some of which are performing pretty well in spite of being understaffed.

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  • September 8, 2011 at 11:47 am


    Try telling the Nottingham Post staff that we’re over the worst of it…

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