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Northcliffe-owned magazine to cease production

An entertainment magazine owned by regional publisher Northcliffe Media is to cease publication next month, after seeing declines in advertising and circulation.

Venue magazine has been covering entertainment and listings for Bristol and Bath since being founded in 1982 but will publish its last edition within the next few weeks.

The closure has come because declines in advertising and circulation have meant it is ‘no longer sustainable’ and a number of redundancies are expected to be made.

The magazine is published by Venue Publishing, which was bought by Northcliffe Media in 2000, and other titles it produces will continue.

Editor Joe Spurgeon announced on Venue’s website this week that the title was facing closure, although he said rescue packages to save it were being looked into.

He said: “A relatively small decline in readership coupled with a thundering decline in ad revenue has meant that what we do is no longer sustainable.”

Dave Higgitt, group editor of Venue Publishing, said: “This year’s budget required Venue to hit all targets to merely break even. This has not happened. In fact, the downward trends have accelerated.

“None of this is the fault of the staff and contributors who have made Venue such an amazing product for so many years. Their stalwart efforts to fight these trends and maintain standards have been inspirational.

“But the market has changed, reading habits have changed, spending habits have changed, and the double dip feels like it’s already here.”


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  • February 28, 2011 at 10:26 am

    This is terrible news. Venue was one of the last bastions of quality listings magazines with intelligent, informed and articulate editorial, but was battered into submission by Northcliffe. I hope that an equally excellent magazine rises from the ashes as the writers are too good to just disappear and nothing else in the area comes anywhere near their standard. When I edited Whats On in Birmingham, Venue was always the benchmark of what we strove to achieve.

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  • February 28, 2011 at 2:36 pm

    Another classic, big company buys small local competitor, tries to corporatise it and in doing so kills it, when will they learn.

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