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Former regional sports editor elected as MSP

A long-standing former regional sports editor has been elected to the Scottish Parliament.

Graeme Dey, who worked for DC Thomson titles for 30 years until stepping down last year to focus on the election, secured a place for the SNP in the Angus South constituency.

He gained a 58pc share of the vote to retain the seat for the party, after standing as a candidate for the first time.

Graeme, who is the former sports editor at Dundee-based title The Courier, told the paper he was ‘genuinely humbled and honoured’ to be elected.

He said: “We ran a magnificent campaign and achieved a fantastic result. To be a first-time candidate and win with this size of majority is just incredible.”

Also heading for Holyrood is freelance journalist Joan McAlpine, who writes a weekly column for The Scotsman, and finished in second place for the SNP in the South of Scotland regional list.

But two journalism students who were hoping to become councillors in the elections have failed to win enough votes.

Harry Taylor, a student at Brighton Journalist Works, and Andrew Bettridge, who is studying at Staffordshire University, were both hoping to win election after being selected as candidates by the Labour Party.

Andrew stood for East Staffordshire Borough Council’s Tutbury and Outwoods ward and lost out on securing a seat in the Conservative stronghold.

And Harry narrowly missed out on being elected to the Arley and Whitacre ward at North Warwickshire Borough Council, with one of the winning candidates only getting 18 more votes than him.

He said the Labour party had some success in the ward, in taking back a seat from the Conservatives, and he hopes to stand again as a candidate in future.

Harry added: “It was a long night but I’m ready to get straight back out there, campaigning for the county council elections in two years.

“I said before that I’d do it all again and you can be sure I will.”

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  • May 9, 2011 at 11:26 am

    Well done

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