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Former regional press reporter pens Amy Winehouse biog

A former regional press sports journalist has had a biography about Amy Winehouse published just two weeks after her death.

Andy Morris, who now lives in the States, started writing the book about the tragic singer several months ago.

As he came close to finishing the book, the news broke of the iconic star’s as-yet-unexplained death at the age of 27.

The book has now been published under the title: ‘Open Book: The Life and Death of Amy Winehouse.’

Said Andy: “Even as a fan of hers, I wasn’t aware until her death just how many people identified with her music and her battle against addictions.

“Here in San Francisco, just as in many places around the world, there was a real outpouring of grief at the passing of such a talented person at so young an age.”

Andy started out as a reporter with the Leek Post & Times in Staffordshire in 1987, and later moved on to write for the Sentinel in Stoke and the Daily Post, Liverpool, where he was assistant sports editor.

He moved into online journalism in 1996, spending time as editor of the Daily Express’ sports website.

Andy moved to San Francisco in May and set to work writing the Winehouse biography. He was just starting to write what he thought was the final chapter when the popular singer, most well known for her Back to Black album, was found dead in her home in Camden on 23 July.

‘Open Book: The Life and Death of Amy Winehouse’ book is available in bookshops and from the publishers at

Andy, who fell in love with the States during a holiday in the 90s, said: “I had an unforgettable first holiday in California, driving up Highway 1 from Los Angeles to San Francisco and staying there for a few days.

“I had long been interested in San Francisco, because I was born in 1967, the year the ‘Summer of Love’ happened in the city.”