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City united as coin toss resolves sports ed’s dilemma

A regional daily sports editor was landed with a tricky dilemma after arguably the biggest sporting weekend in his paper’s history.

With Manchester United crowned Premiership champions on the same day Manchester City ended a 36-year trophy drought by winning the FA Cup, Manchester Evening News staff produced two special pullouts for yesterday’s edition.

But sports editor Peter Spencer then had the tricky task of deciding which of the two supplements would appear first, and which would pull-out of the other.

Dressed in his referee’s kit after officiating an amateur game on Sunday morning, he threw the coin and it came up tails – which meant that United’s supplement would appear first in the run of paper and City’s would appear inside.

Said Peter: “There has never been a weekend like it and we wanted to make sure both United and City were given equal recognition for their magnificent achievements.

“People say the paper’s  one or the other but we’re not.  I like them both to win because it’s good for business.”

Online editor Paul Gallagher wrote on the paper’s website:  “City and United fans rightly expect the MEN to be unbiased in football matters, and we are frequently accused of being the ‘MUEN’ by City fans or the ‘Manchester Evening Blues’ by their rivals on our online message boards.

“So instead of deciding which trophy was the biggest achievement and who was top in the pecking order, Peter decided the only fair way to make the call was to toss a coin.”

Monday's supplement celebrating City's FA Cup win


The United pullout marking the Reds' Premiership triumph

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