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Surprise at record job applicants for newspaper role

Staff at a weekly newspaper searching for a new trainee photographer were shocked when they received more than 160 applications in just six days.

The Leamington Observer launched its recruitment for the role with three newspaper adverts but journalists were stunned when 166 applications had poured in less than a week later.

Chief photographer Neville Collins said applications had now increased to around 175 and the deadline had closed – giving him the challenge of sifting through all the CVs.

He said the newspaper, which is owned by Bullivant Media, normally received around 50 applicants for a job.

Said Neville: “It is people of all ages, people straight from college and people who are 54 and want a change in life.

“There’s a lot out of university and out of the army. It is people from all walks of life and all ages.

“We normally got about 50 people applying before the recession. We haven’t advertised for one for a couple of years.

“I just couldn’t believe it. I know we are in a recession but I can’t believe how many people are after a job. It has taken us all by surprise.”

He is now narrowing down the applicants and hopes to find the perfect trainee very soon.

Neville added: “It is a great job – you meet somebody new every day and you are doing something different.”


Not shocked (06/08/2010 09:59:51)
This type of situation will so common place before too long – if it isn’t already – that it won’t even warrant a mention!

Paul (06/08/2010 11:03:36)
The first job I got, I was one of 120 applicants – and another job I applied for was the same – and that was nearly 10 years ago now. The editor did chuck a fair few in the bin because they couldn’t even spell the name of the town correctly.
Though, jobs are going to simply become more sought after now.

sub sub (06/08/2010 11:39:04)
Shocked is a bit strong! Lots of people applying for a job in a recession shocker…

Unhappysnapper (06/08/2010 12:13:47)
A trainee snapper job with Bullivant Media – if you get more than £13k you’ll be lucky!

Jaded snapper (06/08/2010 12:41:41)
160 people, all queuing up for the chance to work all hours God sends and more, for little thanks, regular grief, long hours and lousy pay? They must be barking….

Ex-hack (06/08/2010 13:07:45)
Only 175 applications?