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Snappers’ best festival pics on display at exhibition

A team of weekly press photographers have put together an exhibition of photos from a major music festival to mark 15 years of covering the event.

Snappers from the Essex Chronicle have put together a display of the best 15 photos from Chelmsford’s V Festival out of the thousands they have taken from the music event.

Included in the photos are images of bands such as Oasis, Madness, The Prodigy and Goldfrapp, along with shots of festival-goers.

They are on show at an exhibition at Chelmsford Library which opened earlier this month.

  • One of the images of the V Festival crowd from the exhibition.
  • Mike Rose, picture editor at the Essex Chronicle Media Group, said: “The photographers said ‘we have been doing this 15 years, why don’t we get 15 of the best and put them together for an exhibition?’ That is how it came about. The library were very keen to come on board.

    “It is the major event in town and it brings a lot of trade. We give it huge coverage.

    “The photographers got the prints together and chose them out of all the thousands that we have done. It was a really difficult decision.”

    The team cut the photos down to 30 or 40 then took a vote on their favourites and also got other editorial staff members involved in choosing the final 15.

    Mike said he told them he wanted the exhibition to be an overview of the festival rather than just artists on microphones, so the photos are more arty than ones typically printed in the paper.

    Along with Mike, the photographers involved in the project were Andy Palmer, Anthony Channer, Chris Rushton, Laura Johnson and Nichola Watson.

  • This photo of Madness performing is part of the exhibition.

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    • October 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm

      The whole point of an exhibition is to spend time looking at a variety of things. 15 photos isn’t an exhibition it is enough to fill a double page spread, I guess if the above 2 were the best they could come up with, I wouldn’t have bothered with an exhibition to fill a notice board

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    • February 3, 2011 at 12:01 pm

      Have a word with yourself John snaps( nice name by the way), you are obviously the countries best snapper, so why dont you put on a exhibition with your best snaps and see how you go! Well done Essex Chronicle!

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