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Publisher claims UK regional first with iPad app

A regional newspaper publisher is claiming a local press ‘first’ with the launch of a new iPad app.

The iPad, a tablet computer with a nine-inch screen, has offered a new way for people to read their news since it was released by Apple two months ago.

Already, a number of national newspapers have launched iPad apps including the FT, the Guardian, the Times and Metro.

Now KoS Media, publisher of Kent on Sunday and other titles, is claiming to be the first local newspaper company to take advantage of the new platform.

Managing director Paul Stannard said: “As soon as we knew the iPad was set for release, we began working on an app with our developers PageSuite.

“I am extremely pleased with the new app and it will offer huge advantages to our readers who have access to one.”

KoS Media, which was bought out by Archant earlier this summer, was also among the first regional publishers to launch an iPhone app last year.

Both apps can be downloaded free from Apple’s app store. As well as providing latest news from KoS Media’s portal, it also allows users to search for jobs, homes and motors.


Clicker (18/08/2010 11:42:58)
I don’t see what is so clever. If you have an ipad, you already have an internet connection and you can therefore pull up the newspaper’s website in the usual way. Why on earth it needs “an app” is beyond me.
If you’re using a garden variety laptop, you can do the same.
What’s more, ipads won’t run Flash applications, so I wonder what advertisers will make of that.

Sly Dig (18/08/2010 12:57:44)
Clicker: “What’s more, ipads won’t run Flash applications, so I wonder what advertisers will make of that.”
Probably the same as most savvy internet users who run a browser (like firefox) with plug ins that prevent flash from running. Any Mac user will tell you that Flash is a ‘barker’s egg’ so they won’t use. But getting back to iPad apps for regional newspapers…what a waste of money. How about employing another journalist for the money it cost to develop instead of wasting it on rubbish.

Jolie (18/08/2010 14:28:14)
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