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Pen is mightier than sword for German collector

A London weekly earned a special thank-you after helping a German food industry worker add to his unusual collection.

Ulli Russek, 47, from Edemissen, near Hannover, is the proud owner of what is believed to be the world’s biggest collection of newspaper-branded ball-point pens.

He recently wrote to the Richmond and Twickenham Times asking for an RTT-branded pen to add to his haul.

The paper was happy to oblige, and Ulli now has almost 400 pens in his collection which he stores in two custom-built racks (below).

His hobby started in 2002 after he received ball-point pens from his local newspapers, the Peiner Allgemeine Zeitung and the Braunschweiger Zeitung.

Said Ulli: “I am collecting only ball-point pens from newspapers and nothing else. I am happy about every ball-point pen I get from newspapers.”

His collection has hit the headlines in papers across the world including in the US, Sweden and Wales.

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    Fencehopper (15/02/2010 14:55:05)
    I wonder if he’ll ever discover beer and women?

    Anna Grete Birkhaug (11/03/2010 13:41:01)
    Is it 400 from difrent newspapers he has?