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Namesakes do battle in bid for half marathon glory

Cheering crowds at a half marathon this weekend will have one less name to remember when two newspaper staff with the same name take to the streets.

Bath Chronicle deputy editor Paul Wiltshire and his advertisement director namesake are tackling the city’s 13.1-mile race – the former the third time while it’s an inaugural outing for the latter.

On Sunday, the duo will be joined en route by Bath News and Media MD Sarah Irvine and Chronicle assistant editor Graham Holburn.

Deputy editor Paul, who is running for the Alzheimer’s Society, said: “The ‘other’ Paul has been training hard in the gym but has hit a wall when out on the road, which he’s been very worried about.

“Like any good, supportive colleague would, I’ve therefore made it my business to wind him up as much as possible about how much training I’ve been doing and how much more he needs to do. So far, it seems to have worked well.”

Advertising director Paul says the reality of running the race has really kicked in over the past few weeks.

“There are times when ten minutes on the treadmill feels like a marathon,” he said.

“The one thing I am not looking forward to is being overtaken by someone in fancy dress after a colleague told of the humiliation one year when he was passed by a carrot.”

Chronicle editor Sam Holliday said that having two Paul Wiltshires in the race does have its advantages.

He said: “It is great for the rest of us in the office because we don’t have to choose which one of them we want to win. We can all just say ‘I am backing Paul Wiltshire’ and then everyone is happy.”

  • (L to R): Donna Symonds and Tim Dyer from the paper’s commercial team and reporters Laura Tremelling and Felicity Crump with advertising Paul (left) and deputy editor Paul