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Kent publisher to centralise subbing desks

Regional newspaper publisher the KM Group is to consolidate its subbing operation in a single location.

Currently, the family owned group has two separate production desks, based at Larkfield, near Maidstone, and Wraik Hill, near Whitstable.

Now all news and sports sub-editors will be based in the company’s modern Wraik Hill building.

The proposal affects around 21 staff split evently between the two locations. There are no plans for any job losses.

Editorial director Ian Carter said: “KM Group firmly believes in keeping a fully-staffed, Kent-based production desk. The experience and talent we have in the subbing team plays a vital role in ensuring we produce market-leading newspapers.

“However, by basing the team in one location we will be able to work more efficiently whilst achieving consistent standards of design and content.”

The group publishes 14 newspapers, including the flagship Kent Messenger, the South East’s biggest-selling weekly regional newspaper.


Derek Smalls (19/05/2010 12:42:28)
I suspect that Larkfield’s days are numbered. I will always have great affection for the place after a Christmas party I attended there back in 1979. Beryl from accounts seduced me and my life hasn’t been quite the same since.
Can any of you guys at KM confirm that circulations are falling threw the floor (and I mean FALLING THREW THE FLOOR)?
My mate Todd once ate a whole gala pie.

Kent Toady (20/05/2010 12:30:38)
“Threw (six) the floor”?!!!

xkm (20/05/2010 13:32:06)
goodbye subs,goodbye press room,goodbye distribution,goodbye larkfield!

Derek Smalls (25/05/2010 17:02:50)
Sorry Kent Toady, that should have been frew the floor.
I feel such a fule.