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Journalism students to quiz leading media figures

Senior journalism and media industry figures will be guests at a university next week as part of its ‘Journalism Week’.

Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and director of BBC News Helen Boaden will be talking to students at Leeds Trinity University College.

Other speakers at the event, which starts on Monday, include ITV News senior political correspondent Chris Ship, Tanya Arnold from BBC Look North, Andrew Edwards of BBC Radio Leeds and YTV anchorman Duncan Wood.

Catherine O’Connor, head of journalism at Leeds Trinity, said the event offered students a fantastic opportunity to meet and hear from leading names from their field of study.

“There is no better way to support our students in their studies than to give them access to the people who are at the forefront of the news media, who are household names and who can offer inspirational and first-hand accounts of the workings of journalism,” she said.


anonymous (19/02/2010 09:38:22)
Yet another opportunity to gloss over the cracks of the industry me thinks?

Newt (19/02/2010 10:22:51)
That seems like a very jaded view anonymous. The story title suggests the students are going to be able to ‘quiz’ the speakers – and the future of journalism is likely to be among their questions (well, you would hope so anyway!)
But while some parts of the event may well dwell on that subject, surely there is more to journalism than just negativity? We all got into the industry for a reason – and that reason was never going to be money. These students should already be aware of that fact, and hopefully they will make the most of the opportunity to speak to industry professionals about both the positive and negative aspects of the job.

Col Kurtz (19/02/2010 10:49:02)
Anonymous, you are a texbook example of a bitter down-table sub whose sole contribution to discussions of the industry is to moan and cry about how unfair it all is that you’ve gone nowhere. Good luck to the students involved in this fine prohject.

dontyaluvit (22/02/2010 10:45:32)
Maybe they will ask about the “layout before text plaque” that is killing local journalism, which should be their building block for a career.
Hopefully they will get a job somewhere wise enough not to use this dreadful system.
The only people who like it are those that don’t use it.