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Friday Funnies: Was 'Cox-up' sub made to grovel?

Something must be happening in the atmosphere as HTFP is simply swimming in press and media Funnies right now.

But we’d never complain at mission control so we hope that this latest collection is bringing a smile to your faces as the grim weather and dark nights continue.

Thanks as always for staying vigilant and please keep the funnies coming to [email protected].

We’re assuming that when, in 1991 young singer Chesney Hawkes achieved fame (and notoriety) with ‘I Am The One And Only’, he was dreaming of the day his mug shot appeared below a headline like this.

For the uninitiated, Cox’s Yard is an arts venue in the Warwickshire town of Stratford-upon-Avon, birthplace of another great wordsmith. We think one sub in particular is getting rather “bard” (geddit?!?) of reading about it!!! (from Stratford Herald)

Confusion reigns at the Southport Visiter where reports suggest that a homeless man has been attacked in his own, erm, home…..

And it made into print too!!

There’s definitely something in the water in the North West as just a little south east of Southport, the Ormskirk Advertiser appears to be having trouble nailing this one down as well:

A double boob from the Beeb on its news summary page:

We’re not sure who Jermain Defore is but we’ve heard he is pretty tasty on the wing.

And finally, another unfortunate case of advert and editorial cruelly clashing (from

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Freddie J (08/02/2010 09:42:47)
Trinity does it in style again!