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Friday Funnies: Slow news week in Haverhill

The appetite of HTFP readers for media gaffes remains undimmed it seems. As well as the ever-popular Friday Funnies section, our recent tale about the Midlands weekly which mis-spelled the name of a bellringing coach (not in the least bit funny, especially for the poor chap involved) has now become our most-viewed story ever.

Here’s some more to keep you amused. Thanks to all who contributed and keep them coming to

First off this week, most newspapers are now putting ‘breaking news’ on their websites between editions – but this story from the Haverhill Echo seems to be stretching the definition of that to, er, ‘breaking’ point….

Our thanks to the Sunderland Echo reader who ‘shone’ a bright light on some apparent grammatical confusion on the North-East daily….

Journalists in the West Midlands were amused by this police press release about two burglary suspects, in particular the following paragraphs:

The first man has been described as black, around six feet tall, chubby, with shaven black hair, dark eyes, and stubble. He was between 30 and 40 years of age, was wearing a khaki coloured casual zipped coat and dark coloured trousers

The second man was shorter than the first, black, and chubby but not as chubby as the first offender. He was wearing a balaclava with just the eyes showing, black jeans and a black hooded jacket.

One from the nationals now, and a particularly painful-sounding Chelsea Flower Show exhibit from the Daily Telegraph:

Finally, if you’ve got time, check out this amazing video interview of actor John Barrowman by Glasgow Evening Times reporter Sarah Swain. Lookout for what happens at the end when John discovers Sarah’s list of questions – here’s a quick preview:

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    Outraged of Newcastle writes…. (21/05/2010 08:58:49)
    So because John Barrowman is gay it’s OK for him to paw at and grope up a female journalist!!! If I did that, I would be up before the beak on a sexual assault charge…..and besides, the technical quality of that video is appalling….just kept stopping and starting and demonstrates why local newspaper should stop their attempts in trying to use online video. And HTFP, your top 2 funnies are too small to read!!