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Friday Funnies: No news is good news

The first few weeks of January are traditionally a somewhat gloomy time as the Christmas season ends and we’re forced to contemplate two more months of short days and dark nights.

Fear not though dear readers as we’re back with the first round of Friday Funnies for 2010. We hope you enjoyed our round-up of the best 2009 had to offer – here’s the link for those that missed it – and we’re looking forward to receiving whatever 2010 has in store.

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First up are two recent “news” stories from the Weston and Somerset Mercury. Residents in the north Somerset village of Blagdon will no doubt be relieved to know they’re living in a safe haven:

While even the ducks were disappointed with this tale:

This drugs raid story from the Scunthorpe Telegraph is just pun-tastic:

And this sombre tale from the Midlands proves that catching MRSA is not the only risk facing you on today’s hospital wards:

Next, a most unfortunate juxtaposition of headlines in the ‘Newsline’ section on the East Anglian Daily Times’ front page:

And staying with headlines, here’s a gem from the London Evening Standard offering some advice to the fashionably challenged. More details (if you really want them) can be found here:

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