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Friday Funnies: How not to launch a new paper

If the unfeasibly fine weather of the past fortnight has not been enough to lift your spirits, here’s another collection Friday Funnies courtesy of HTFP readers.

We’ve also had a clutch of election-related funnies sent in over the past week – but we’re saving those for a post-polling day special next Friday to cheer us all up as we contemplate five years of David Cameron/Gordon Brown/Nick Clegg (delete as appropriate).

In the meantime, thanks for staying vigilant and please keep them coming to:

First off this week, the newly-launched Birmingham Press, which managed not one, but two gaffes in its first ever front page.

As HTFP readers were swift to point out, Paul Robinson is neither a goalie nor a West Bromwich Albion player. He is Bolton’s left-back.

The Press followed-up that bloomer by getting the name of the MP who freed the Birmingham Six wrong.

Oh well, the only way is up, as they say.

Next, a lesson from the Hertforshire-based Comet on how to turn a Good Samaritan into a thug with one simple headline:

Over to Northern Life magazine for the unfortunate juxtaposition of a feature on dyslexia with the mis-spelt name of a well-known BBC presenter.

We’re not sure the chap in the middle should be so shy considering he’s entering a singing contest (from Scarborough Evening News):

Media Wales didn’t seem to be able to make up its mind here about its daily poll:

And finally…perhaps the St Albans and Harpenden Review should have given a little more thought to the positioning of these two stories on its website.

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