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Election Funnies: The gaffes that got our vote

Many journalists will be prising apart their eyelids this morning with copious amounts of coffee as election night shifts are traditionally lengthy affairs.

So, it is our pleasure to bring a little joy to post-count proceedings with an ‘Election Special’ edition of Friday Funnies.

We hope you enjoy and please keep them coming to

It is generally regarded among would-be MPs that election time is no holds barred when it comes to securing votes……but one party in the North West appears to wheeled in the big guns in its bid to secure a seat (from Southport Champion):

We suspect a wry smile crept across the face of the sub-editor who penned this headline about openly-gay Exeter MP Ben Bradshaw (from Express and Echo):

The Sutton Guardian recently carried a spread with details about all the candidates on its patch…..and in one case, perhaps a bit too much detail:

Hat tip: Matt Wardman.

The Times appears to have really landed a scoop judging by this headline:

Finally, in reporting Gordon Brown’s now infamous “bigot” gaffe, the Daily Mirror’s website in turn produced its own spelling blunder:

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