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Editor 'learns to walk' before he can run

The editor of the Bath Chronicle has ‘learned how to walk’ as part of his unusual preparations for a charity event.

Editor Sam Holliday is training for the Bath Chronicle Donor Run – a three or five kilometre run or walk which will be held in the city as part of the British Transplant Games next weekend.

Deciding he was not a natural runner, he decided he would walk the distance with Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst, the chairman of the local organising committee of the Transplant Games.

And the pair were given lessons in how to walk properly by fitness instructor Zoe Jackson, who runs local lifestyle consultancy Plan Be.

Sam wrote on his blog: “There is not much to be said for hitting the ripe old age of 46. However, you do at least think you’ve learnt a few basic life lessons on the way to your ‘half century’.

“It was, therefore, something of a shock last Friday afternoon to realise that I didn’t actually know how to walk.

“This shock discovery came when I began ‘training’ for the Bath Chronicle Donor Run which is part of the British Transplant Games which is coming to the city next weekend.

“This fantastic competition will be bringing hundreds of people to Bath who have had many different forms of transplants and we, as a community, can join in the fun by taking part in a 3k or 5k run/walk to raise awareness of the need for people to donate their organs for future transplants.”

His blog goes on to describe the training session with Zoe and how she believes those who walk right will look and feel better, as well as losing weight.

Sam then passes on Zoe’s tips for walking well, which includes walking through your whole foot, stabilising your hips, lengthening your neck and using your arms to increase speed.

He adds: “By the time we’d spent an hour together – and as these are two of the most spirited and fun women in Bath it was a pretty enjoyable hour – there was no doubt about it, I was walking better and my glutes were in fine fettle.

“Apparently if we can keep this up we should be able to complete our walk next week with no problems at all, so if you are in Bath next week and see a strange man extending his neck and using his arms like a robot walking by, give me a wave as I glide on by.”


Neil Hodge (17/08/2010 09:24:21)
This has got to be the weakest story ever to run on this website, and that truly is saying something.

Go Sam (17/08/2010 14:43:31)
Charming. Just because there isn’t a story about publishing companies screwing over employees, doesn’t mean you have to redirect your bitterness towards a feel-good news story.
Despite what the previous commenter has said, I thought the story – though not exactly thrilling – was still interesting, if a bit promotional, and I hope he raises a good amount of cash for the charity.
Good luck to him.

Neil Hodge (18/08/2010 11:31:26)
Is an able-bodied reporter walking two miles for charity really worth 12 paragraphs though? I’d give it 12-words at most in a picture caption (and get better pics than are posted on his blog).

Sam Holliday (18/08/2010 13:55:18)
Thanks for the, ahem, interest Neil.
I did this piece to help publicise a campaign we are doing in the paper and because I have a weekly column to fill which allows me a certain licence I think. I am sorry if you didn’t enjoy it but, to be fair, I didn’t really expect this to go beyond the good people of Bath. I edit three papers and we have all suffered from mid-August silly season this week so I think HTFP can be forgiven for raiding my blog in search of material.
Still, this has helped me raise a couple of hundred quid for charity, I walk better now (!) and being accused of being responsible for the ‘weakest’ story ever on the site has kept my colleagues here happy so that has to be good.
PS Feel free to sponsor me Neil!
PPS Thanks ‘Go Sam’

Neil Hodge (18/08/2010 14:44:55)
Sure, I’ll sponsor you – with such a spirited reply, how can I refuse! Let me know your address and who to make a cheque out to.

There’s no excuse… (20/08/2010 09:35:39)
However you dress it up, whatever month of the year it is, this story is categorically, without a sliver of doubt, the worst thing I ever read on this website!!! I fail to see any discernable reason for running it and HTFP should be ashamed of itself!!!