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Editor lands Jagger interview after seven-year wait

A weekly editor has finally secured an interview with rock legend Mick Jagger – a full seven years after first putting in the request.

Melody Foreman, group editor of the Archant-owned Kentish Times, first asked for an interview with the Dartford-born superstar in 2003.

Now her dream has come true after the Rolling Stone made a surprise visit to his old home town and agreed to a round-table interview with local journalists including Melody and assistant editor Michael Adkins.

The interview appeared in this week’s Dartford and Swanley Times while the rival Dartford Messenger carried a double-page spread with video and audio clips of the visit on its website.

Melody had just a few hours notice of the interview after Sir Mick announced he was visiting his old school, Dartford Grammar School, and an adjoining arts centre named after him.

It was in the headmaster’s study that Melody, Michael, the Dartford Messenger’s Danny Boyle and two local radio reporters got chance to meet the superstar.

  • Sir Mick flanked by Melody Foreman, left, Danny Boyle and Michael Adkins, right.
  • Said Melody: “I had first put in a request to talk to Sir Mick in 2003. That means I have been waiting for seven years to meet this legend.

    “I must admit he was worth the wait and was tremendously charming about the Kentish Times series. He even signed a copy of the Dartford and Swanley title featuring the tenth anniversary of the Mick Jagger Centre which we ran in March.”

    Danny added: “Interviewing one of the biggest names in rock is a pretty daunting prospect. But sitting around a table in the head teacher’s office, he immediately put us at ease.

    “With his familiar, jovial manner he answered all of our questions – and even signed albums and posed for a group photo before leaving. It’s one interview I certainly won’t forget in a hurry.”

    In 2003 the Kentish Times series sponsored a concert performed by Sir Mick’s younger brother Chris and a friendship between the Jagger family and the titles was established.

    Two years ago it launched a column called JaggerWatch written by Lizzie Thornton which keeps readers and web audiences in touch with news from the Mick Jagger Centre and other events relating to Sir Mick and the Stones.

    In the interview, Sir Mick told Melody he hopes to return to Dartford to appear on stage and do a number with Chris who is in a Cajun style band called Atcha.

    Added Melody: “He wanted to talk about the town, how it had changed, his memories, his family, and he was pleased to find his younger brother and musician Chris was in constant communication with the Dartford and Swanley Times about the progress of the Centre.”


    Gimli (22/07/2010 11:11:22)
    Couldn’t agree more! The reporter was probably there just to take all the notes and write it up.

    Paul Linford, Editor (22/07/2010 11:22:49)
    Early versions of this story presented the interview as a Dartford and Swanley Times exclusive. In fact as the story now makes clear the interview with Sir Mick was carried out with a number of local journalists present, including one from the rival Dartford Messenger. I trust that honour has now been satsified.

    localhack (22/07/2010 12:48:26)
    And from the look of it, the Dartford Messenger did a much better job than the Times too.
    To be honest, I wouldn’t want to boast that it took me seven years to get an interview with someone in any case.

    Gruff (22/07/2010 13:07:52)
    From what I read, the Dartford Messenger does a better job every week.

    Rabbit (22/07/2010 13:12:54)
    Judging by the now-you-don’t-see-him, now-you-do images posted earlier and now, perhaps Archant’s next sponsorship deal could be with the Magic Circle! What a laugh!!

    Training Needs (22/07/2010 15:24:32)
    Does the Dartford Times offer Photoshop courses?

    Paul Linford, Editor (22/07/2010 15:44:05)
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