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Editor apologies after sports pages go missing

A Scottish weekly had to be hastily reprinted after it appeared on the news stands minus its sports pages.

The Dunfermline Press went out on the Thursday before last without its sports pages due to a printing error.

However staff quickly rallied round and a reprinted version of the 24-page paper was in the shops later that day.

In a message to readers on the paper’s website, managing editor Simon Harris said: “The Press would like to apologise for this error and can assure readers it will never be allowed to happen again.”

Simon added that any reader who had already bought an incomplete copy of the paper would be able to swap their edition for the complete paper.

A further apology appeared in the current print edition published last Thursday.


DAVE (14/09/2010 08:18:08)
And no one noticed????

john (14/09/2010 09:01:22)
Good to see the inkies earning their crust, checking the product as it rolled off the press

Jerry (14/09/2010 09:48:34)
They obviously didn’t as it reached the news stands!

Gravy (14/09/2010 11:00:42)
I think John he was being ironic, Jerry.

Bustedgut (14/09/2010 11:16:35)
Mind you, I donlt think the management here ever notices we have sports spages! Readers go spare, though, if we miss out one under 10s football report!!!

Jerry (14/09/2010 11:45:27)
Sorry!! I was distracted checking we hadn’t left off the BMDs!

SamTana (14/09/2010 16:49:27)
What if you printed a paper with no sports pages and … no reader cared?

hacker (14/09/2010 17:07:48)
I remember the great Guardian columnist Hugo Young starting a piece once saying that due to an error the paper had printed a previous column again rather than the new one they should have done. What was even more frustrating, Young said, was that no reader noticed. Makes you wonder – what’s it all about?

davy gravy (15/09/2010 11:55:36)
At news conference I once read out the same newslist from a district office on two sucessive days, and no-one noticed….including me, shamingly.

clare mont (15/09/2010 13:49:57)
Shouldn’t the HTFP headline on this story be “Editor apologises ….” or has no one noticed this either.

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  • September 17, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    How do you print a paper without its sports pages – was something printed in place of them? You can’t print a 37 or 43 page paper, for instance.

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