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Charity linked to publisher seeks unpaid journalist

A charity with strong links to a local press publisher is advertising for an experienced journalist to work for one day a week – without pay.

The KM Charity Team, based in a newspaper office run by the Kent-based KM Group, is trying to recruit a volunteer journalist to spend up to a day each week working for it.

In the job advert, which appeared in some of the group’s titles last week, the charity says it is looking for a ‘bright and enthusiastic volunteer’ experienced in finding stories, making contacts and writing copy.

The KM Group’s editorial director, Ian Carter, described the charity an independent body, and denied that the group itself has any plans to recruit volunteer journalists.

The advert says: “As an experienced journalist you will be competent at both sourcing stories, making and developing contacts and proficient at writing copy to be used on the charity’s websites, newsletters and to be made available to KM Group editors.

“This volunteer post will primarily be focused on supporting the charity’s planned healthy lifestyle website which will compliment its popular walk to school website.

“Content will include recreational activities and events to promote health and wellbeing as well as exercise, nutrition and recipes.”

It says a mileage allowance is paid to volunteers to cover their travelling expenses.

Mr Carter said: “The KM Charity stands for the Kent and Medway Charity and is completely independent of the Kent Messenger Group.

“However, we are pleased to support its community activities by providing it with office space, facilities and some funding. Editors on any of our titles are free to promote its charitable activities at their discretion.

“A volunteer journalist offering their time to the charity would not be a member of KM Group staff. The KM Group has no intention of recruiting volunteer journalists.”

Those interested in applying for the job should email

  • The advert which appeared.
  • Comments

    Mark Readman (05/07/2010 10:38:03)
    If anyone else is looking for any work, my drive needs re-concreating, you will not be paid but you will gain a useful insight in to the concreting industry

    Dese Gershon (05/07/2010 11:07:25)
    Its a good deed to do work for charity – however, as a business friend once advised me – just do a check on their car park to see how many BMW/Mercedes are parked for the low paid executives. What chutzpah!

    King Juan (05/07/2010 15:44:19)
    If the KM Group is so keen to support a charity, how about it stumps up the cash to actually fund a salary for this post.

    Sly Dig (06/07/2010 11:37:20)
    Bet this gives JP a few new ideas.

    Not convinced (06/07/2010 13:59:37)
    “Completely independent” yet uses the KM logo? Hmmmmm.
    I hope those still (un)lucky enough to have jobs at the KM manage to hold on to their salaries.
    Maybe the hordes of experienced journalists made redundant by the company could consider applying – if they can convince their mortgage companies/plumbers/car mechanics/shop keepers to work for free too….

    Ex-KM staffer (07/07/2010 14:41:10)
    Good old KM – still peddling the myth that it’s a community newspaper. Cynical, or what?