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Brainy journalists show off their grey matter

A team of newspaper journalists demonstrated their brainpower by winning their way to the top prize in a prestigious local quiz for the second time in three years.

The ten-person team from the Bath Chronicle stormed to victory in the annual Brain of Bath quiz, repeating their 2008 triumph.

The Chronicle line-up head by editor Sam Holliday regained the title after having to sit out last year’s contest.

The annual event was held to raise cash for Julian House which helps single homeless men and women in Bath and the surrounding area.

Sam wrote on his blog: “When I first arrived on these shores nearly five years ago, I was quickly made aware that The Brain of Bath was the big one. The quiz of quizzes in this city. The one to win. And, crucially, one we had never won before.

“Well, it all changed in 2008 when we won for the first time. Winning definitely felt rather good and so even though we weren’t able to defend our title in 2009 we went for this year’s event quietly hoping for a repeat success.

“As a generally quite amiable chap I definitely subscribe to the theory that it is not the winning that counts it is the taking part. However, I have to admit that winning is, on the whole, rather better.

“As a team we trooped up to receive our prize but tried not to look too smug because we all knew everyone else watching was already thinking either ‘damn them’ and ‘oh well, it’s the taking part that counts…’ depending on their mood.”

However Sam admitted to having been nearly stumped by the ‘smells round’ in which the contestants have to sniff cotton wool that has been dipped in various aromas.

“I think I must have had a bit of a cold to be honest because everything smelt to me like apple or Vim,” he added.

The full team line-up was Sam, his deputy Paul Wiltshire, Graham Holburn, Neil Beck, Neil Rose, Emma Dance, Siobhan Prideaux, Hugh Dixon, Graham Harrison, and former Chronicle business reporter Rupert Hall. They are pictured receiving their prize below.