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ABC figures: How the regional dailies performed

How did your newspaper perform? Here’s the latest set of circulation figures.

Here is full list of UK regional dailies, ranked in order of the percentage increase or decrease between June 2009 and June 2010.

  • Circulation falls across the board for UK regionals
  • Just 17 weekly papers boosted by increase in sales
  • ABC figures: How the UK’s weekly newspapers fared
  • ABC online: Newspaper websites reveal their hand


    -2.1pc Dorset Echo 18,121

    -2.2pc Wigan Evening Post 7,567

    -2.4pc Eastern Daily Press 59,139

    -3.2pc Liverpool Echo 89,140

    -3.4pc Lancashire Evening Post 26,505

    -3.7pc The Daily Echo (Bournemouth) 28,579

    -3.7pc East Anglian Daily Times 30,332

    -4.3pc Southern Daily Echo 34,550

    -4.4pc Peterborough Evening Telegraph 15,800

    -4.5pc Burton Mail 12,624

    -4.7pc Huddersfield Daily Examiner 21,544

    -5.2pc The Citizen 21,410

    -5.2pc Gloucestershire Echo 17,155

    -5.2pc Worcester News 15,141

    -5.2pc Express & Star 122,161

    -5.2pc Yorkshire Sport 4,524

    -5.4pc The Herald (Plymouth) 31,803

    -5.7pc Bristol Evening Post 41,506

    -5.7pc The Northern Echo 44,062

    -5.7pc Scunthorpe Telegraph 17,253

    -5.8pc Scarborough Evening News 11,359

    -5.9pc Lincolnshire Echo 18,559

    -6.0pc The Sentinel 53,228

    -6.3pc Southend Echo 31,721

    -6.3pc Portsmouth – News 45,175

    -6.3pc Yorkshire Post 41,896

    -6.7pc Hull Daily Mail 47,422

    -6.8pc Swindon Advertiser 19,251

    -6.9pc Torquay Herald Express 21,600

    -6.9pc The Gazette (Blackpool) 24,236

    -6.9pc Norwich Evening News 18,532

    -7.0pc Carlisle – News and Star East 13,738

    -7.0pc Yorkshire Evening Post 42,772

    -7.3pc Exeter Express & Echo 17,742

    -7.3pc The Bolton News 24,159

    -7.4pc Evening Gazette (Teesside) 42,246

    -7.4pc Derby Telegraph 35,075

    -7.5pc Lancashire Telegraph 25,416

    -7.7pc Grimsby Telegraph 28,777

    -7.8pc Hartlepool Mail 15,084

    -7.8pc North West Evening Mail 15,436

    -7.8pc Northampton Chronicle & Echo 17,483

    -7.8pc Sunderland Echo 35,204

    -8.0pc Colchester Evening Gazette 18,084

    -8.1pc Shields Gazette 15,727

    -8.4pc Shropshire Star 60,887

    -8.6pc Halifax Courier 17,188

    -8.7pc Ipswich Evening Star 15,413

    -8.9pc Western Morning News 33,579

    -9.1pc The Argus Brighton 26,364

    -9.1pc Birmingham Mail 51,353

    -9.3pc Northamptonshire Evening Telegraph – Kettering 19,607

    -9.3pc Coventry Telegraph 37,326

    -9.6pc Sheffield Star 40,901

    -9.8pc Oxford Mail 20,593

    -9.8pc Bradford Telegraph & Argus 28,839

    -9.9pc Leicester Mercury 55,992

    -10.6pc Evening Chronicle 57,089

    -11.2pc Oldham Evening Chronicle 16,044

    -11.2pc The Press (York) 27,272

    -11.3pc Nottingham Post 42,529

    -11.3pc The Journal 28,232

    -11.8pc Western Daily Press (Series) 31,809

    -11.9pc Cambridge News 21,997

    -17.0pc Doncaster Star 2,708

    -28.0pc Liverpool Daily Post 8,389

  • The Manchester Evening News was not included in previous audit as it had temporarily withdrawn from ABC auditing at that time. Its circulation for the first six months of this year was 96,719.
  • The London Evening Standard’s average circulation figures for the period were 630,160 for January, 610,226 for February, 603,710 in March, 607,130 for April, 603,215 for May and 603,814 for June.


    +0.4pc Dundee Evening Telegraph 23,269

    -2.3pc Aberdeen – Evening Express 50,630

    -3.3pc Aberdeen – Press & Journal 74,457

    -4.4pc Dundee Courier & Advertiser 65,012

    -4.9pc Greenock Telegraph 15,186

    -6.9pc Edinburgh Evening News 43,046

    -9.1pc Paisley Daily Express 7,963

    -10.9pc Glasgow Evening Times 56,843


    -10.1pc Cardiff – South Wales Echo 35,389

    -4.5pc Daily Post (Wales) 32,414

    -5.1pc The Leader (Wrexham, Flintshire & Chester)18,443

    -7.5pc South Wales Argus 24,679

    -7.5pc South Wales Evening Post 42,619

    -10.2pc The Western Mail 29,567

    Channel Islands

    -2pc Guernsey Press & Star 15,274

    -4.6pc Jersey Evening Post 19,135


    Watchin’ (25/08/2010 15:46:00)
    Cue a working party of editors to Dundee. For cake.

    Old Sub (26/08/2010 10:21:24)
    Another shocking set of figures for the Trinity Mirror titles. Cause and effect ?

    Diesel74 (26/08/2010 11:42:06)
    As someone who started 22 years ago and has worked on several evening papers I find these figures apalling. A total mismanagement by the big papers and their “yes” men and women that appears to have accelerated in the last five years. Horrifying and saddening and maddening.

    Confused (26/08/2010 12:56:44)
    Worrying figures certainly, but seems a bit harsh to single out Trinity Mirror. The pain seems spread equally across all groups, with TM no better or worse than the rest

    Old Sub (26/08/2010 13:50:01)
    Er, Cardiff two titles -10, Newcastle -10 and -11, Birmingham and Coventry -9, Liverpool Daily Post -28. I think you’ll find Confused that TM is by far the worst of the big Groups.

    Julia Copp (08/09/2010 16:54:06)
    The Western Daily Press’s circulation drop is one of the worst of the lot, at 11.8 per cent. By coincedence, Andy Wright, its former editor “retired” in April…