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Two new regional editors for press watchdog

Two regional editors have been appointed to the Press Complaints Commission to replace those who have stepped down from the press watchdog.

Anthony Longden, managing editor of Newsquest’s North and East London titles, and Simon Reynolds, editorial director of the Lancashire Evening Post and Wigan Evening Post, have been nominated for the two vacancies by the Newspaper Society.

They replace Simon Irwin, former editorial director of the Kent Messenger and South Wales Evening Post editor Spencer Feeney.

Of the seven editors who sit on the PCC, two are always drawn from the regional press.

Welcoming them to their new roles, PCC chairman Baroness Buscombe said: “One of the great strengths of the PCC is the tremendous mix of people on its board.

“The majority of commissioners have no connection with the press and come from all walks of life, but to ensure our work is as authoritative and relevant as possible it is essential for senior editors to be involved in our decision making. It is their working experience of the industry that brings a critical breadth of perspective to our deliberations.

“Simon and Anthony have both had long and successful careers in regional newspapers, and will be excellent PCC commissioners. I am looking forward to working with them.

“At the same time, I would like to thank Simon Irwin and Spencer Feeney for their great contributions over the last few years, and for giving freely of their time to support the PCC’s work.”


olderhackette (01/07/2009 11:14:33)
Maybe they can get some of the more rabid nationals to adhere to the same basic rules as regionals and weeklies(right of reply, balance, accuracy, not burying corrections on obscure pages, hopelessly politically biased etc)
They are a poor example to young journos (some of whom end up there of course because of the money).

ANON (01/07/2009 11:31:35)
sorry aged hackette. That’s real world journalism. Dream on.

olderhackette (01/07/2009 11:43:05)
older but not yet aged thanks.
Depends on your perception of reality I suppose.
If that’s reality journalism I am so glad I have neither the talent nor the ambition to do it (although I could do with the money!)

Realist (01/07/2009 11:53:27)
Local papers may be more timid and tame but it doesn’t make them perfect.
The lazy, sloppy writing, slack sub-editing and boring layout on many local papers gives the trade a bad name as well.
Each to his own.

Cynical ex-TM journo (01/07/2009 14:49:39)
Having first met Anthony Longden when he stood up to be counted in the early stages of Trinity Mirror’s cost-cutting and re-organisation,I can state unequivocably that he is a man of high moral standing and principles. He stands up for what he believes in and I would like to congratulate him on his appointment.
I suspect, however, that the task olderhackette wishes so see performed with the Nartionals, will unfortunately, be beyond even him.