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Spurned hubby turns to local paper to save marriage

A rejected husband who was kicked out of house and home by his wife of 24 years turned to his local paper to rebuild his relationship.

Scaffolder Patrick Byrne’s marriage looked to be in pieces a few months ago when one of his female employees made allegations to his wife of an extra-marital affair, resulting in the sharp exit.

So Patrick turned to his local weekly, the Sutton Coldfield News, to run an advert declaring his enduring love and fidelity.

Friday’s edition carried the classified which said: “I Patrick Byrne, Love my Wife Sue Byrne and have always been faithful and will love you forever x x x x x.”

The audacious move appears to have worked as Mr Byrne is now back living with his family in Sutton Coldfield.

The father-of-three told the Sunday Mercury: “I placed the advert because I was accused of something I did not do. It was my way of saying I didn’t do anything wrong.

“The Sutton Coldfield News is our local paper and I thought that would be the best place for it to go.

“When I get home from work I am dead on my feet, and I just wanted to do something nice.”

His wife Sue added: “I never doubted him once before this. It has been absolutely devastating for me. As you can imagine, it is the last thing you want to hear.

“He was accused by a young girl at work. He has had loads of women working for him, and we have never had any problems before.

“The little girl accused him of having an affair. Obviously she doesn’t work for him anymore.”


simon (23/09/2009 09:55:09)
So did the Sutton Coldfield News run the story too?

SebastianFaults (23/09/2009 10:00:33)
Reporters reading their own papers? Silly boy.

old school (23/09/2009 13:28:47)
When I worked on a Midland weekly for many years there were some of the ad staff – but by no means all – who would never even have thought have passing the ad details onto the newsroom. When I was the news editor there would have been an enormous row – with the editor on my side – if they had kept the ad to themselves.

JP JP (23/09/2009 14:41:29)
Ah yes Old School but those very people who wouldn’t know what a nib or a splash was are the sort of people counting the cash as managing directors. The very people entrusted with the future of regional papers. This has been reflected in their half-baked policies.

enda mullen (28/09/2009 16:01:17)
Yes, the Sutton Coldfield News did run the story too