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Runaway bull gets reporter on the moo-ve

A weekly newspaper reporter grabbed the bull by the horns last week when he chased a runaway bovine causing mayhem across a town.

Richard Young, of The Comet, Stevenage, dashed out with a video camera to try and catch the action after reports of an escaped bullock running amok through streets and down major roads.

The maddened bull had made a break for freedom on the very morning it was due to be taken to the slaughter house.

As police attempted to corral the beast, which was going the wrong way up a dual carriageway, Richard filmed the action from a gap in a fence – until the bull and police turned their attentions on him!

With a fast approaching bull and a policeman yelling to stop filming, Richard ducked for cover through bushes until he was ordered into a police car by an irate officer and driven away.

Not letting such a setback deter him, Richard returned to the scene from a different route and managed to film police marksmen putting an end to the animal’s escapade.

Said Richard: “I was actually told it was a cow, so maybe I wouldn’t have been so foolhardy if I’d known!”

The footage was screened on the Archant weekly’s website and later appeared on regional TV. See it here.


Neil Barker (01/04/2009 19:37:51)
Why on earth was he “ordered into a police car” and more to the point, why did he comply?
Filming a bull in a public place isn’t against any known law – another case of the police making up the law as they go along “in the name of safety”, I strongly suspect.