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Revealed: The best place to study journalism

The University of Ulster has been named the UK’s top-performing centre running NCTJ-accredited journalism training courses.

A total of 69pc of students on its MA in newspaper journalism gained the preliminary certificate in journalism this year.

This makes it the best UK postgraduate course and also places it top of the table of all 68 colleges and universities offering courses accredited by the National Council for the Training of Journalists.

The university, based in Coleraine, takes over top spot from Cardiff University and Sheffield University which won the top honours in last year’s awards

NCTJ chief executive Joanne Butcher said: “It is a course that proves it is possible to deliver print, online and broadcast training effectively and to a high standard to all students, so many congratulations to Maggie Swarbrick and her team at Coleraine.”

Joanne added: “As we recently celebrated shorthand week, I’d like to pay tribute to the results achieved by students on NCTJ-accredited courses at Cardiff University and Press Association Training. 93pc of students on these fantastic courses achieved at least 100wpm.”

Ulster was recognised along with four other colleges offering different types of study paths at the NCTJ’s Journalism Skills Conference, at the home of BBC Scotland, in Glasgow.

The five newspaper journalism courses received their awards for the highest percentage of students achieving C grade passes or better in all the NCTJ’s core exams and 100 wpm shorthand.

A sixth award was given to the best performing magazine course accredited by the NCTJ.

The full list of award winners is:

Postgraduate Course
University of Ulster

Undergraduate Degree Course
Bournemouth University

Fast-track Course
Darlington College

Commercial Fast-track Course
Press Association Training

Academic Year Further Education Course
Harlow College

Magazine Journalism Course
City College Brighton and Hove

  • Head of journalism at University of Ulster Maggie Swarbrick receives her award and a bottle of champagne from NCTJ chairman Kim Fletcher
  • Comments

    Onlooker (09/12/2009 10:00:55)
    Where are all these students going to find jobs ?
    Pumping out ‘journalism graduates’ at the present ludicrous rate makes these centres about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    Welshwhizz (09/12/2009 10:30:30)
    Well, Onlooker, let’s halt all education then … you could say that about any profession you care to mention at the moment

    Cleland Thom (09/12/2009 10:45:39)
    As ever, e-college and distance learning students are ignored, even though their exam results are on a par with the best. In the NCTJ’s enthusiasm to embrace multi-media, it’s sad they don’t also recognise new ways of learning.

    Peach (09/12/2009 11:38:58)
    Well, Onlooker, I was one of these ‘journalism graduates’ and, I must say, my degree was much more useful than a chocolate teapot. I graduated from the University of Sheffield undergraduate course in the summer and managed to get a job at the Press Association. And a lot of my fellow graduates have managed to get jobs too so give it a rest.

    Onlooker (09/12/2009 14:26:18)
    Peach, I congratulate you on getting a job. Your parents must be relieved at your age. However, I wonder how many media/journalism students are not so lucky. The vast majority, I’ll bet. But there is so much money to be made from students’ woefully optimistic ambitions that the training industry has a vested interest in keeping the facts obscure.

    blackburn (03/03/2010 16:54:48)
    I’m confused,
    Onlooker, are you implying that not having education will increase your chances of getting a job? Times are hard for most at present and jobs are hard to come by in most industries, education is the best option for a lot of people at the moment