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President meets Prime Minister for first time

The recently-elected new president enjoyed an audience with the Prime Minister in Suffolk.

It was not however Barack Obama’s first visit to these shores but a meeting between new Society of Editors president and Evening Star editor Nigel Pickover and Gordon Brown.

Mr Brown was in the Suffolk town yesterday to launch a local apprentice scheme, take a tour around local developments and also see how the Evening Star’s ‘Fightback’ campaign was progressing.

Nigel told HTFP: “He came to launch a new programme of support for the hard-pressed businesses in Suffolk and to reassure people the Government is doing all it can.

“He visited various places and I got 20 minutes with him where we talked about the Fightback campaign.

“We also discussed the power of the positive and that there’s a lot going on in Ipswich such as the booming waterfront and the restructuring going on.

“We did a splash with the story because we kept his visit a closely-guarded secret. He came over very well and I think he is his own best asset.”

  • Gordon Brown receives an Ipswich Town away shirt from Nigel (left) and Ipswich MP Chris Mole
  • Comments

    Darren (27/02/2009 11:33:59)
    If it wasn’t for Gordon Browns incompetence there wouldn’t need to be a fightback campaign.
    What utter and complete toadying.

    David (27/02/2009 16:32:36)

    Chris (03/03/2009 09:40:18)
    Darren, regardless of who is in government we still would have been in this situation. Gordon Brown is not to blame, the greed of banks which stem from the Thatcher years are to blame for this. If it wasn’t for Gordon Brown injecting millions into the economy we would be in a far much graver situation with millions more out of jobs. To blame a single person for this especially someone who is working tirelessly trying to help us would be surely the reaction of an obtuse person!

    Joe (03/03/2009 18:03:30)
    Entirely agree with you Chris. Its so easy to blame the man at the top. If only the public supported the people who are trying to sort our country out, the whole situation would seem a lot less stressful.