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Nationals still recruiting from regional press

A Birmingham Post journalist who questioned whether national newspapers still employed people from the regional press has landed a new job – on the nationals.

Joanna Geary, the Post’s development editor, is leaving to become web development editor of The Times.

Last July, Joanna generated a lively debate on her blog after revealing an encounter with a national newspaper executive who told her they no longer recruited people from the regions.

“We no longer see the regional newspapers as a source for staff. We find that training graduates ourselves produces better journalists,” the unnamed executive had said.

Joanna began at the Post as a business reporter before moving on to spearhead many of the digital developments at the paper over the past couple of years.

She announced her forthcoming job move in another blog post yesterday.

“This is a pretty big deal for me. The Post was where I got my first break into journalism and where I had the opportunity to develop my interest in the web. I am a passionate supporter of the title and of the city and I will miss both immensely,” she wrote.

“I’m really grateful to everyone at the paper who supported me and encouraged me to develop my expertise in blogging and social media.”

Her editor, Marc Reeves said: “Jo’s made a remarkable contribution first to the Birmingham Post, and then to its sister papers in the city, and ultimately to Trinity Mirror.

“From straight blogging through to the application of new services like Twitter, Jo saw and drew out the potential of social networks. She’s a true experimenter, determined to teach herself the kind of skills that many other journalists believe are beyond their abilities.

“But those skills result in remarkable achievements, like recruiting a blogging community for the Post that truly reflects the paper’s brand values, or launching one of the first and most ‘followed’ breaking news service in the regional media.

“That she did this in the context of a venerable, serious newspaper that turned 150 years old last year is a testament to her tenacity. It’ll be missed.”


YEAHright (03/02/2009 12:08:42)
“‘It’ll be missed’ – yeah, right – but will she be replaced, Mr Reeves?

Chris Gaynor (03/02/2009 13:04:12)
It’s a pity these people cant recruit from other walks of life where there are talented people operating blogs and websites etc…

BlondeAmbition (03/02/2009 14:50:17)
Chris Gaynor – i’m not denying the possible talent of those operating blogs etc, but I think you’ll find that most publications and websites etc, want to recruit those with relevant training and experience, and most respected journalists working at both regional and national level have NCTJ training under their belts. If the same can be said for bloggers etc, then their chances are as good as any for these top jobs, and I wish them success.