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Local paper makes video to help family raise cash

A family desperate to raise money to pay for a pioneering cancer treatment for their mum have turned to their local paper to help save her life.

Lesley Webb was diagnosed with the malignant brain tumour in September last year and has since had an operation, radiotherapy and chemotherapy without success.

The tumour affects the right-hand side of her body, meaning that she can no longer speak or use her right arm and the use of her right leg is starting to be affected.

Now their local paper the Bracknell News has helped them make a viral video urging 250,000 people to donate £1 to pay for the treatment which is only available in the US.

The video, including appeals from Lesley’s husband and children, has been put on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites.

It can be viewed on the Bracknell News website here.

Editor Rebecca Johnson said: “Lesley’s family came to us looking for help and we are doing all we can for them.

“We have already managed to help raise £20,000, but that’s still a far cry from the amount needed. We only hope that the video appeal will generate more support for Lesley.”

Lesley’s husband George added: “All I can say is I appreciate everyone who has spoken on the video and my heart just goes out to everybody who can help.”