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Friday Funnies: Evening Telegraph gets shirty

Fans of HoldtheFrontPage’s Friday Funnies can be forgiven for thinking the service had become obsolete. Fear not Dear Comedy Seekers, for after a brief hiatus, we return with some more misspellings and misdemeanours from the press and media.

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The Evening Telegraph recently ran an appeal (minus spell checker) to find the best goal celebrations by Peterborough FC players:

At least Leon McKenzie knows where his local paper stands…..!!!

This headline from the BBC website shows that police are asking for the impossible:

Sadly in today’s society violence can occur randomly and from any unexpected source (from Rugby Advertiser):

Here’s a heart-warming tale from the Yorkshire Evening Post about a local charity shop celebrating 20 years of service and some of its saucier donations…..

…..further reading of the story reveals the naked truth:

The Ashbourne News Telegraph recently waved farewell to its editor Alan Harris. His replacement Andy Parker paid this rather unfortunate tribute:

To finish off this comeback collection are two snippets from Must have a been a slow week on sportsdesk…..

…..and the subs desk too:

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