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Friday Funnies: Dead man found where?

It’s been a few weeks since we brought you some Friday Funnies so it’s our great pleasure to showcase for you some more mirth and merry making from the press and media.

We’re still not quite into the party season so hopefully these will cheer you up as we begin the run-in to Christmas. Please keep them coming to:

First up, we’re off to Hertfordshire for what might be described as a “Dog Bites Man” story – or a cast-iron case of stating the bleedin’ obvious:

Next, it seems them they breed ’em strong in the South West (from the Bristol Evening Post):

As we all know, work experience is vital in helping young wannabe journalists secure that first job in the industry.

This effort landed in the inbox of a weekly press editor in the North West, as blogged by Alison Gow from the Liverpool Daily Post and Echo.

Alison called it “the worst appeal for work experience” she’d ever seen – but maybe the perpetrator has a future as the paper’s “voice of yoof”:

Meanwhile in the East of England a terrifying blackmail plot is unfolding, involving three sugar lumps and a stack of hay (from the East Anglian Daily Times):

This one from over the water has been circulating the web this week. It seems a senior executive at the Toronto Star sent out a company memo detailing possible out-sourcing of sub-editing jobs. It appears that an editor at the Star (allegedly) came over all trigger happy with his red pen in response (from

It seems some rather intolerant types are rising up against one brand of scholar in particular:

OK, we know it’s about drinking but it still amused us!!

And finally, over to the Ormskirk and Skelmersdale Advertiser for today’s headlines (or not!):

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