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Friday Funnies: Bird? Plane? Or just an artist's impression?

Greetings! After July’s unprecedented deluge of Funnies to HoldtheFrontPage’s inbox, we’ve been able to have a couple of weeks off from all the comedy.

Silly season is now well and truly upon us so there should be plenty more amusing stories out there waiting to be aired. Thanks for sending them in and keep them coming to:

There’s nothing like a ‘big cat tale’ to get readers gossiping and joggers worrying while pacing through the woods of an evening. So over to the Croydon Guardian which reckons the Crystal Palace area could be a favourite feline feeding spot.

We thought you might enjoy their “artist’s impressions” of how said ‘big cat’ might look:

And we’ve included this third just because it made us laugh so much, from satirical website

We can only assume this Scunthorpe Telegraph journalist was suffering from conman overload while writing up this court report. Either that or they know something the rest of the world doesn’t about the cheeky Mockney chef:

Moving away from culinary matters now, to a hat trick of sporting slip-ups. Firstly, it seems Middlesbrough midfielder Gary O’Neil may have something to confess to his teammates (from The Northern Echo):

Staying in the North East, it’s anyone’s guess what this story from the Evening Gazette is about:

And finally over to the nationals. We hope this isn’t a sign of the confused football coverage we can expect from The Sun over the forthcoming season:

For the record, Leicester won the game 2-1. Maybe the sub is a Swansea fan and dreamt a second goal. Last time we checked, it was still there.

It’s always best to make sure your readers know exactly where someone is from…..(from Media Wales):

And sticking with Media Wales, we received this wonderfully-spelt A-board from Cardiff’s South Wales Echo:

Last up and continuing the spelling theme, something from the Formby Times:

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